Fur Coat

Littlecigarette - Fur Coat


19 May 2021

Oscar Hopkinson, aka Littlecigarette, is a self-taught producer and rapper from the small Norfolk market town of Thetford.

Feeling increasingly frustrated and lonely at the isolation and boredom of small-town life in the UK, Oscar sought refuge and escape in addiction. The intensity of the period proved to be the spark that took his music production and storytelling to the next level. The result is the audacious, paranoiac, nihilistic long-player ‘Omega’.

First cut ‘Fur Coat’ draws the listener in to experience the grip of addiction, and the power of invincibility he feels enveloped in his fur coat armour. Stridently English in sound, there’s an almost Punk element to the track: flamboyant and cocksure hand in hand with a dark comic tragedy.


Play (demo) Fur Coat