James Davidson

16 Oct 2020

North-London based rapper and producer Osquello announces the ‘Something Behind Me’ EP in collaboration with Goldie and James Davidson. Set for release 13th November via Goldie’s newly launched ‘Fallen Tree 1Hundred’ label, first single ‘Restless’ is released 16th October.

After high-profile collaborations with artists such as Clairo and Declan McKenna, Osquello’s 2019 debut release ‘Good Morning Simulation’ welcomed an artist to the furore, with limitless potential and an effortless ability to blend his deep-rooted influences from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indie and beyond.

‘Something Behind Me’ is an EP born from Osquello’s love for Garage and Hip-Hop, genres which have been ever present in his life. From his father’s passion for House music as a DJ and producer, to free styling on carnival trucks, his experiences are engrained into this body of work. Produced alongside Goldie and James Davidson, Osquello’s raw energy is captured across 3 tracks that delve into his night-time activities and offer a glimpse at a dark side that dwells beneath.

“There are originators and imitators, and Osquello is definitely an originator. He stands out amongst his peers from this new generation of artists. He’s got unique style — lyrically, musically, visually — and an effortless flow.” - Goldie


Play (demo) Restless
Osquello, Goldie, James Davidson