Natalie Duncan

29 May 2020

British neo-soul pianist, vocalist and songwriter Natalie Duncan announces her forthcoming album Free, a heady mix of neo-soul, R&B and jazz, with the first single Sirens out now. Free marks the first release on iconic producer and DJ Goldie’s brand-new label Fallen Tree 1Hundred.

Free is a 12-track selection of songs collectively exploring a second phase of ‘coming of age’, fearlessly leaving behind a life that could be seen as the easy option and pursuing an option that fulfils your soul, regardless of the struggles that may ensue. 

Duncan wrote Sirens – one of the only love songs on the album - whilst recovering from vocal surgery. She says:

“I initially wrote the piano and I whistled the vocals because I wasn't able to talk at the time. It was a very frustrating writing process, but it was so euphoric the first time I was able to sing the chorus line 'Can you make me fly' — it felt like my voice was finally free and flying again.”

Formerly signed to Verve Records, Duncan’s musical career has spanned many years, performing her own music across London venues and working as a vocalist on Goldie’s live shows with the Heritage Orchestra since 2012, as well as collaborating with him on his own albums. “We have a really good musical relationship..." Duncan explains. “...Goldie has always been a huge supporter of me as an artist and he really understands the importance of letting me have creative control. I'm very excited to be the first artist released on the label.”

Goldie says:

"I’ve been watching Natalie grow over the last fifteen years, from humble beginnings on “Goldie’s Band”, and she has always been a musical muse to me. She’s blossomed into an absolute powerhouse singer and songwriter, and this is her best work to date, her magnum opus: I couldn’t be prouder to have this album as the first release on Fallen Tree 1Hundred.”


Play (demo) Sirens
Natalie Duncan