Something Special / Give Life


6 Nov 2020

Uniting sounds from opposite sides of the Globe, 1HX002 brings two of our best together for a silky smooth two-track EP with a progressive spin on melodic house and techno.

Kuala Lumpur native CRLY (also known as Cuurley) brings years of experience with labels such as Box of Cats, House Party Records and Bullfinch, matching the fresh energy of London’s Westseven (Anjunadeep, Soul De Anima).

Peppering eurythmic house flavours with striking vocals, the inspiring message of Something Special shines through, and the mellifluous melody makes self doubt a distant memory with its feel good flow.

Give Life twists soulful rhythms into a declaration of love with lyrics continuing the theme of the opening track, showing how one can enlighten the life of another. Stripped back ambience here draws focus to the simple lyricism which tugs at the heart.