24 Hours (8x 3 Hour Sessions)

Designed for more experienced producers, the Advanced course offers a deeper insight into music and music production. Building on your existing knowledge, you'll be learning more about the art of songwriting and composition/arrangement; sampling; working with microphones and recording voices and instruments; music theory; and post-production.

Music Production     

  • Workflow skills     
  • Manipulating audio & MIDI     
  • Modulation & FX     
  • Working with audio     
  • The art of mixing     
  • Automation & modulation live     
  • Vocal processing     
  • Stereo mixing techniques     
  • Compression & dynamics     
  • Music theory     
  • Recording audio     
  • Sampling audio     

Music Composition     

  • Music composition     
  • Melody composition     
  • Keyboard skills     
  • Writing chords and melodies     
  • Extensive drum programming     
  • Completing projects     
  • Stereo mixing techniques     

Production Skills     

  • Listening skills     
  • Arrangement     
  • Sound design & synthesis     
  • Critical listening skills     

Music Industry     

  • Industry and artist direction     
  • Record contracts     
  • Publishing     
  • How to be a successful electronic musician     

Course Assets     

  • One track professionally mixed & mastered     
  • 1HUNDRED USB stick pre-loaded with samples     
  • 8 additional hours of free studio time     
  • Production Handbook     
  • Screen Recordings     
  • Guest International Instructors     
  • Masterclass     
  • Mentoring & A&R     


Session One – Creative Sampling + Programming 

Micro sampling, slicing, velocity, groove pool, creating grooves 


Session Two – Songwriting & Composition 

Critical listening skills, song structure, writing lyrics, composition 


Session Three - Recording Audio + FX 

History of recording, recording in Ableton, signal flow, vocal instrument 


Session Four - reverb + Experimental sounds / Musique concrete 

Reverb, impulse responses, experimental production, recording Foleys 


Session Five - Music Theory for Producers 

Notes, rhythms, melodies, chords, major/ minor keys, modulation and songwriting in Ableton Live 


Session Six - Arrangement + finishing music 

Arranging music, arranging drums, finishing music, record labels, sending your demo 


Session Seven – Radio show production 

Mixing with Ableton, automation, recording voice overs, selection process 


Session Eight - The professional studio, post production 

The professional studio, critical listening, critiquing, producing, mixing, mastering, referencing, limiting, multiband compression 

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