24 Hours (8x 3 Hour Sessions)

The beginner producer course is perfect for total beginners or self-taught producers and will build a foundational understanding of music production, teaching you to produce comfortably with Ableton Live. The course offers a chance for you to learn what is necessary to build a track to completion and at the end of the month you will have a picture of what producing music is all about, as well as your own first track, mixed and mastered by us.

Music Production     

  • Ableton workflow skills     
  • Working with midi & audio editing     
  • Working with VST’s     
  • Sampling audio drum programming     
  • Modulation and FX     
  • Capturing ideas     
  • Quantization     
  • Tuning Drums     
  • Automation     
  • Warping     
  • Using Clip Envelopes 

Music Composition     

  • Track creation     
  • Sequencing, arranging and editing     
  • Writing chords and melodies     
  • Creating beats / Extensive drum programming     
  • The art of remixing     
  • Transients     
  • Setting a Key for a track

Production Skills     

  • Track analysis     
  • Arrangement     
  • Basic sound design     
  • What makes a great track?     
  • File Management

Music Industry     

  • Industry and artist direction     
  • Record contracts     
  • Publishing     
  • How to be a successful electronic musician?     
  • Sending demos

Course Assets     

  • One track professionally mixed & mastered     
  • 1HUNDRED USB stick pre-loaded with samples     
  • 8 additional hours of free studio time     
  • Production Handbook     
  • Screen Recordings     
  • Guest International Instructors     
  • Masterclass     
  • Mentoring & A&R     


Session One – Intro to Ableton + Music production 

Introduction to production & Ableton Live, session & arrangement workflow, file management, sequencing, editing, listening skills, track analysis.


Session Two – Beat creation & Using vsts 

Ableton DAW workflow, understanding EQ, drum programming, quantization, working with VSTs, listening skills.


Session Three - Fx, returns, understanding eq 

Workflow skills, FX, return channels, EQ, automation, composition. 


Session Four – writing melodies & Sampling

Workflow skills, chords & melodies, what is pitch, warping, time stretching, sampling audio, industry & artist direction 


Session Five - programming + arrangement 

Drum programming, transient shaping, track arrangement. 


Session Six - EQ + Sound Design

EQ, basic sound design, basic synthesis, music composition 


Session Seven - The art of Remixing + Tuning Drums 

Tuning drums, remixing, working with stems, remix composition. 


Session Eight – Modulation & FX - Industry 

Modulation, effects, sending demos, composition showcase. 

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