24 Hours (8x 3 Hour Sessions)

In our Intermediate course you will already be familiar with some, or all, of the topics and terminology covered in our Beginners course. You'll go on to learn more about the workflow and creative process for Ableton Live; manipulating audio & midi; drum programming and transient shaping; music theory and melodic composition; sound design and synthesis; working with microphones and recording vocals; the art of compression, mixing, and mastering.

Music Production     

  • Manipulating Audio & MIDI     
  • Modulation & FX     
  • Working with audio     
  • The art of Mixing     
  • Automation & modulation live     
  • Vocal Processing     
  • Stereo mixing techniques     
  • Compression & Dynamics     
  • Clips, Scenes & Loops     
  • Basic Music Theory     
  • Recording audio     
  • Sampling Audio     
  • Microphone Types & Uses     
  • Looping     
  • Sidechain Compression     

Music Composition     

  • Melody composition     
  • Keyboard skills     
  • Writing chords and melodies     
  • Extensive drum programming     
  • Completing Projects     
  • Stereo mixing techniques     
  • Music composition     

Production Skills     

  • Track analysis     
  • Arrangement     
  • Sound Design & Synthesis     
  • What makes a great track     
  • Critical listening skills     

Music Industry     

  • Industry and artist direction     
  • Record contracts     
  • Publishing     
  • How to be a successful electronic musician     

Course Assets     

  • One track professionally mixed & mastered     
  • 1HUNDRED USB stick pre-loaded with samples     
  • 8 additional hours of free studio time     
  • Production Handbook     
  • Screen Recordings     
  • Guest International Instructors     
  • Masterclass     
  • Mentoring & A&R     


Session One – Manipulating AUDIO + Looping 

Manipulating audio & midi, envelopes, warping, looping, looped composition 


Session Two – creative drum Programming 

Drum programming, transient shaping, looping, EQ, drum composition


Session Three – Automation & modulation live 

Ableton workflow, automation live, modulation, filtering, modulate me composition. 


Session Four - Writing Melodies + Basic Music Theory 

Basic music theory, keyboard skills, writing melodies, 5-step melody makers, melodic composition 


Session Five – Sound design and Synthesis 

Basic synthesis, oscillators, ADSR envelope, sound design, sound design composition. 


Session Six – vocals & Microphones + fx 

Microphones, working with vocals, EQ, sampling with sampler, vocal composition


Session Seven - Art of mixing + Completing a song 

Mixing techniques, referencing, loading stems. 


Session Eight – Compression & Dynamics 

Dynamics, compression, sidechain compression, finishing music, composition show-down 

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